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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes with Your Will

By: Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq. A last Will and testament is an important document that outlines how to handle your assets and affairs upon your death per your wishes. While the concept of this document is simple, the preparation of it can feel overwhelming and confusing....

Do You Know What a Will Can and Cannot Do?

By Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq. Many think that simply drafting a Will is sufficient to accomplish all their estate planning needs. While doing a Will is an important step, it does not guarantee that all your property will fall into the hands of people you trust. Here is...

How Does a Will Differ from a Trust?

By Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq., 301.563.6685 Many people who contact our firm for estate planning assistance often ask us to explain the difference between a Will and a Trust. Both are useful estate planning tools that serve different purposes. A properly drafted Will...