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Employment Law

When your career is on the line, we can help.

Have you been thrust into a dead-end position since you became disabled? Are you facing wrongful termination because of a disability? Federal and state laws forbid discrimination against employees based on their disabilities. If you can perform the essential functions of your job, even if it requires some reasonable accommodation to do so, you’re protected under federal law by the Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act. Wheelchair ramps, modified work schedules, and/or specialized training can all be considered reasonable accommodations. If you’ve been wrongfully fired or demoted because of a disability, federal laws may be able to restore your career and your valuable reputation.

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At Andalman & Flynn, we’re proud of the excellent track record we’ve achieved in representing individuals who have faced bias regarding the reasonable accommodations required for their disabilities. You’ll find that we combine a deep understanding of the law with an unbiased consideration of the facts and a sympathetic ear. If you’ve suffered illegal discrimination under the ADA, you may be entitled to recompense, including back pay and compensatory damages. Our seasoned legal counsel will work with you to assess your case and determine the best way to proceed. This can include representing you in civil proceedings or attending meditation to avoid the stress and expense of a trial. While employment discrimination cases are often difficult and complex, we’ll apply our expertise to help you pursue your rights under the law.

Let our experience be your guide. Andalman & Flynn’s skilled disability benefits law team has helped many others in your position, and we would be honored to assist you, too. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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“Dear Elliott and Zubaidah, Hallelujah! The legal representation that you provided was extraordinary! You are amazing, professional, expeditious, compassionate, and triumphant. I have been fighting for my federal disability retirement over 17 years; unfortunately, my past attorneys were unable to accomplish a win. I eventually crossed paths with Andalman & Flynn and victory prevailed. Elliott

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When you need experienced legal counsel, turn to Andalman & Flynn. Our renowned team is here to provide vigorous representation for your most pressing family law and disability law issues and disputes.

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