Wills, Powers of Attorney & Health Care Advance Directives in MD
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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Health Care Advance Directives

Estate planning is for everyone.

Making proper legal preparations in the event of one’s passing or incapacity isn’t just for the elderly or the infirmed. Rather than leaving the management of your hard-earned assets and end-of-life wishes to chance, a comprehensive estate plan provides direction to your loved ones.

Andalman & Flynn’s family law attorneys are well-informed and experienced in the preparation of estate planning documents such as last wills, powers of attorney (POAs), and health care advance directives (more commonly known as living wills).

We work closely with you to determine the proper documents that will best meet your needs and give you peace of mind – call our lawyers at 301-563-6685 or contact us online today.

You’re in control.

Estate planning documents allow you to determine what happens to your assets and how your health care is administered. Every family and individual can benefit from planning for the disposition of their property using a variety of legal tools, including wills and trusts. A health care directive and power of attorney allow you to establish your wishes regarding end-of-life medical treatment effective and designate trusted people to carry out your financial and health care decisions in the event that you are unable to do so.

In essence, an estate plan serves to eliminate the uncertainties that arise in the administration of probate and end-of-life decisions, reducing the burden on those you love.

Watch the video below to hear a presentation on Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives from Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq.

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