Two-Year Limitations from LTD
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Two-Year Limitations from LTD

Twenty-four months goes by in a hurry.

Even if your disability claim is initially approved, your insurance company can terminate your monthly benefit payments for a variety of different reasons. At the two year mark, a number of potential grounds for termination come into play. It’s important to be familiar with the most common two-year limitations so that you can continue to receive benefits for as long as you remain disabled. These include:
  • Transition from “Own Occupation” to “Any Occupation”: While an LTD insurance company may pay benefits because it found that you couldn’t perform the duties required for your occupation, that broader “any occupation” standard is often applied at the two year mark. This means that if you’re found to be medically capable of performing virtually any job that exists in the economy, your benefits may be terminated. This determination doesn’t take into account the availability of such jobs, only that they do exist and that they deem you capable of doing the work.
  • Time limitation on mental/nervous conditions: Most group policies have a 24-month limitation for claims involving disabilities arising from mental, nervous, and psychological impairments. The rationale behind this two-year limitation is impairments can easily be exaggerated or outright faked. This policy provides little comfort to those who suffer from true mental conditions and find that their benefits are terminated after two years.

Experience you can count on.

From subjective reasons such as cessation of benefits due to medical improvement, to more concrete reasons like reaching the maximum allowable age to receive benefits, your insurance company may choose to terminate your payments after just two years. Andalman & Flynn’s dedicated team of legal experts has decades of experience in representing claimants whose disability benefits have been wrongfully terminated. If you’re facing this challenge, we’re available to assist you, too.

If you’re looking for compassionate, experienced disability attorneys in Maryland and the District of Columbia, Andalman & Flynn can help. We’ll fight to get the benefits you need so you can move on with your life. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Client Testimonial – Long Term Disability Benefits Reinstated

I was notified by my former employer that my long term disability benefits were being ended after my husband was relocated to Asia by his company. Elliott helped me appeal and obtain my disability benefits back. I contacted several lawyers and I chose Elliott as he was professional, timely and confident that he could help.