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We protect what you value most. When children are involved, divorce often becomes more complicated—which is why having the right child custody lawyers in your corner is so important. At Andalman & Flynn, we fight to protect your best interests during this difficult time so you can focus on supporting your children and creating a better life. We take child custody and visitation very seriously. We understand the deep emotional needs a family has, and we always prioritize the child’s emotional health in every child custody case we handle. We strive to create equitable solutions that allow both parents to work cooperatively for the sake of their child. When litigation in court is your only recourse, you can rely on our superior legal acumen and zealous defense of your rights.

We serve Silver Spring and the surrounding communities in Montgomery County, including Gaithersburg, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Olney, and Potomac.

Understand the Ins and Outs of Child Custody

In Maryland and Washington, DC, child custody is divided into two areas: legal and physical.

  • Physical Custody refers primarily to with whom the child lives. Physical custody also means this parent will be obligated to care for the child’s physical, emotional, and social needs, such as providing adequate food, shelter, community involvement, school transportation, etc.
  • Legal Custody refers to the right to make decisions regarding the rearing of the child. This includes choices in education, religion and non-emergency healthcare.

There are also many types of custody arrangements, including:

  • Alternating: The parents alternate having sole physical and legal custody
  • Shared: The parents share legal custody, but alternate physical custody
  • Joint: Both parents have simultaneous physical and legal custody
  • Sole: One parent alone has physical and legal custody
  • Split: Parents each have full, sole custody over certain children in the marriage

We’re Focused on the Welfare of Your Child

Once custody arrangements are in place, they usually remain so until the child reaches maturity. However, custody is always modifiable. A parent can re-open child custody proceedings if, for example, he or she can prove that the other parent is causing emotional or physical harm to the child, or that it is no longer in the child’s best interests to maintain the existing arrangement. At Andalman & Flynn, our child custody lawyers are experienced in enforcing and modifying existing custody arrangements.

Whether on the basis of changes to your current situation or due to an emergency requiring immediate intervention, we can help you resolve your custody claims with an agreement that best suits the needs of your child.

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Child Custody Lawyers in Gaithersburg, Rockville & Chevy Chase

One of the most difficult decisions for divorcing parents is determining who gets custody of the children. Andalman & Flynn can help you create custody arrangements that work for everyone involved.

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Child Custody Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal custody?

Legal custody of a child involves the right and obligation to make important decisions about the child. Common issues in legal custody include education, religion, discipline, medical care, and other significant matters affecting the child’s welfare.

What is joint legal custody?

If parents have joint legal custody of a child, both parents have an equal right to make legal custody decisions. If the parents disagree on how to handle a significant matter involving the child, the parents will need to file a motion and ask the court to decide for them.

What is physical custody?

Physical custody of a child involves the right and obligation to care for a child physically. The parent who has physical custody provides a home for the child and makes the day-to-day decisions required during the time the child actually spends with the parent having physical custody.

Before there is a court order, who has custody of the child?

Before there is a court order, both parents are legal joint guardians of their child (under eighteen years of age). Both parents are legally responsible for the child’s support, care, nurture, welfare, and education.

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“I was recommended to Ms Vann from a friend of mine. I couldn’t be happier with the result that I got. I was dealing with custody and financial support issues with the mother of my twin boys and trying in vain to do the right thing by myself. Working with Ms Vann relieved so much of the stress that I was going through. It is about six months since my case was closed and things are still going really well. I only wish that I had contacted her sooner!”

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“I am writing to tell you how very pleased I am with the care and attention that I received from the law firm of Andalman and Flynn. From the outset, I was impressed by the organization of the office, and the thoughtful legal guidance that I received in the areas of family law and landlord-tenant issues. My attorney, Peter Casciano, met with me when I was a walk-in client in distress. He immediately directed me to several public agencies of which I had need, and advised me in the process of becoming a client of the firm. His advice and understanding, on such short notice, was much needed and greatly

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