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Parenting Plans

Make confusion in custody a thing of the past. “Who gets Johnny for Thanksgiving this year?” “It’s your turn to pick Cindy up from soccer practice!” If these relatively minor yet important details sound familiar, a parenting plan may be of value to you. When a couple divorces, their actions will have a deep and lasting impact on any children involved. The parenting plan is a document that governs your new lives as co-parents, and it ensures that the interests of your child or children remain paramount as the marriage dissolves.

Give your children the structure they need.

A thoughtfully developed parenting plan that delineates routines and responsibilities can help smooth out the often turbulent transition that children whose parents are divorcing must face. When there is a structured plan in place it makes everyone’s life easier, but your children will likely benefit the most. While each parenting plan is completely customized to consider the needs of the child or children in question, they typically include such topics as vacation and holiday schedules, transportation, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments and more. Our experienced family law attorneys will help you create a plan that ensures your child’s needs are carefully considered, that is practical yet flexible, and honors all parties involved.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to parenting plans. Put the experience of Andaman & Flynn to work to craft a comprehensive plan that’s as flexible and detailed as your situation requires. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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