Family Law Case Results
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Family Law Case Results

Andalman & Flynn attorneys obtained sole custody for a client by establishing that she is a de facto parent of her cousin’s child.

Attorneys Mary Ellen Flynn and Olivia Temmel successfully represented a client in winning sole legal and sole physical custody of her cousin’s young daughter. Our client has been caring for the little girl most of her life and the custody case was initiated when the child’s unstable biological mother was attempting to take the girl to live with her. Attorneys Flynn and Temmel persuasively argued that our client was a de facto parent due to her very close relationship with the child and her caring for the child as a parent would; therefore, our client was able to have the same rights to custody as a biological parent. After a two-day trial that was conducted entirely over Zoom, the Judge awarded our client sole legal and sole physical custody, with five hours a week of supervised visitation for the child’s biological mother. Through the work of attorneys Flynn and Temmel, the child will now be able to live in a stable, safe, and loving home environment.

Award of indefinite alimony and a substantial monetary award granted to an abused spouse after the Court finding that the abusive husband dissipated marital funds.

Attorney Nelson Garcia’s client left an abusive marriage to create a better life for herself and the couple’s teenage daughter. Through meticulous examination of financial records, attorney Garcia was able to prove the client’s now-ex-husband had dissipated marital assets. The Court granted our client attorney’s fees, indefinite alimony, half the value of the marital home, and a substantial monetary award. The judge also granted our client’s divorce on grounds of both cruelty and excessively vicious conduct, allowing her to forgo the one-year separation requirement. The litigation began in a traditional courtroom setting but continued remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. Attorney Garcia effortlessly adapted to the change in venue to achieve this well-deserved result for his client.

Successfully arguing marital law and inheritance law in winning a contested probate case

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn successfully used a will and a prenuptial agreement in arguing why an Estate should take immediate possession of many expensive pieces of art and other types of property. In this case, the decedent and her husband had a prenuptial agreement and the decedent gave her husband a life estate interest in the decedent’s real property and household furnishings. The husband argued that the prenuptial agreement didn’t affect standard marital law, and that the artwork and other pieces of valuable property were household furnishings and therefore should remain in the house. The trial judge accepted attorney Flynn’s arguments and ruled that the prenuptial agreement modified the husband’s rights to the property that the decedent acquired during the marriage, and awarded immediate possession of the artwork to the Estate because they were not “household furnishings.” The trial judge also granted the Estate the right to do an inventory of items in the house that the husband prevented the Personal Representative from doing.

Award of substantial child support, sole custody, supervised visitation, and attorney fees in a Montgomery County divorce case

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn obtained an award of attorney’s fees for a parent who was granted sole custody and a substantial amount of child support in a Montgomery County divorce case. In this divorce case, the Court ordered that private school tuition will be included in the calculation of child support guidelines and that the non-custodial parent would have only supervised visitation with the children because of his inappropriate behavior.

Compelling an ex-spouse to pay for the private education of a child and an award of attorney’s fees

By filing suit, attorney Mary Ellen Flynn obtained a court order to compel her client’s former spouse to pay for their child’s Ivy League education. Although their marital settlement agreement had a provision for the spouse to cover the cost of the child’s college tuition, that parent insisted the child attend a local public university. Attorney Flynn based her argument on both parents’ means and education levels. As a result, she was able to get the student’s Ivy League dream school fees covered as well as the client’s attorney’s fees.

Enforcing trust provisions so that the stepmother can live comfortably

Our eightysomething client was the beneficiary of a trust created by her deceased husband. Her stepchildren insisted she should receive only the interest income from the trust because they needed to “protect” the principal (the step-children were the residual beneficiaries of the trust). Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn proved that the client was entitled to use the principal as well as the interest income for her purposes. As a result, the client was able to return to her home country, where she took up residence in a villa, complete with butler, chef, and driver.

Enforcing alimony provision and obtaining an award of attorney’s fees

Our client’s ex-husband was not complying with the alimony provisions of their marital settlement agreement. After a two-day trial, attorney Mary Ellen Flynn obtained a court order that enforced the alimony award. The result provided for our client’s attorney’s fees and court costs to be paid by the ex-husband.

Obtaining a full refund from a private school for breach of contract

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn represented the parents of two teen boys in a suit against the boys’ school. Our clients enrolled their sons in a private boarding high school, which had assured them it could accommodate their sons’ learning disabilities. The school did not live up to its obligations, and the boys’ ability to graduate and attend college was at risk. By filing suit and eventually negotiating a settlement, attorney Flynn obtained a refund of all money the parents had paid to the school.

Combatting addiction in divorce cases

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn has represented many clients dealing with a co-parent who struggles with addiction. This representation includes negotiating detailed parenting agreements and contracts that mandate treatment and verification of that treatment, including strong provisions for the children’s safety. The process empowers her clients and protects the children, but also empowers the addicted parties—encouraging them to embrace recovery and become accountable parents.

Successful release of a $450,000 garnishment in federal court

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn successfully litigated in federal court on behalf of someone whose bank account was garnished to pay for her husband’s debt. By arguing a combination of marital property, banking, and collections law cases, Mary Ellen Flynn persuaded the federal judge to vacate a garnishment of $450,000.

Protecting client privacy through collaborative divorce

Through the collaborative divorce process, attorney Mary Ellen Flynn was able to maintain the confidentiality of her client, who had a top-secret security clearance. Despite a large income disparity between the spouses, attorney Flynn ensured a fair settlement that provided for the other spouse as well as the parties’ children, while avoiding the publicity of going to court.

Collaborative divorce brings freedom and a fresh start

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn represented a client with multiple disabilities, including severe anxiety. The client’s high-income spouse, a partner in several businesses, was engaged in long-term adultery. Through analysis of the parties’ complicated finances, attorney Flynn obtained significant financial support for our client, who was able to resettle in a top-tier assisted living facility. This client suffered from deep insecurity when she began her journey with our firm; at its end, she felt empowered to begin a new life.

Personal goodwill secures a client’s business interests

Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn successfully represented the owner of a professional practice in a complex case that involved alimony, child support, and significant division of marital property. Through litigation and the use of expert witnesses, attorney Flynn established that the client had created significant “personal goodwill” in his practice. This goodwill established the practice as nonmarital property, thus fully protecting the client’s interest in his business.