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Life Insurance Claims Lawyer in MD, VA & DC

Has a life insurance company denied your claim?

A life insurance policy is supposed to provide you with financial security and protection when a loved one passes away. So where should you turn when a spouse or other loved one has paid premiums for years for life insurance coverage, only for those benefits to be denied when he or she passes away? Already stricken with grief, no one should have to suffer this kind of added stress and strain.

If you’ve lost a loved one and the insurance company is refusing to pay the proceeds you’re entitled to, turn to the compassionate, responsive attorneys at Andalman & Flynn. Call us at 301-563-6685 or contact us online for life insurance claims lawyers you can trust.

Let us carry your burden.

Our legal team is well-versed in all aspects of life insurance policies, as well as their appeals and litigation. With decades of experience to draw upon, we know the tactics insurers use to protect their interests. Often, insurance companies limit payouts by denying claims based on a claimant’s failure to disclose required information in the application process.

Common reasons for insurance companies disputing or denying claims are based on allegations of fraud or misrepresentation, policy construction and interpretation issues, effective date of coverage disputes, disputed cause of death, and cancellation of a policy because of non-payment or other premium disputes.

At Andalman & Flynn, we’re equipped with an array of tools at our disposal, such as forensic experts and pathologists, who can demonstrate that you’re entitled to the life insurance coverage your spouse or family member paid for in order to provide you with financial security.

We’ve successfully represented clients who have had life insurance claims denied by some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, and we would be proud to help you, too – call us at 301-563-6685 or contact us online today.

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If your life insurance claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid, reach out to Andalman & Flynn.

We’ll be there to help you get the funds you deserve. Please contact us today or call us at 301-563-6685 to schedule a consultation.

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