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Divorce & Children

There are two types of divorces—those involving children, and those without. Divorces involving children are invariably more complicated for a number of reasons. Not only must child custody and child support be determined, but it’s important that the best interests of your children are protected as their way of life changes.

In situations where an impartial judge must make the final determination regarding the custody of your child, the courtroom often becomes a bitter and emotional battleground between divorcing parties. The attorneys at Andalman & Flynn are experienced in litigation, and, just as importantly, experienced in resolving custody through alternate means of dispute resolution.

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Legal Matters Related to Divorce and Children in Maryland

Since 1998, the attorneys at Andalman & Flynn have represented clients throughout Maryland in a range of legal matters related to divorce and children. We will help protect your children’s best interests as we assist you in resolving:

We can also assist you with property division and settlements to ensure the best environment for your children upon separation.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Divorces Involving Children

We often recommend alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for divorces where children are involved for a number of reasons. Using alternative means of resolving a divorce can help you settle a claim outside of court, giving you and your spouse full control over the decision-making process. Both parties and their respective attorneys will participate in a series of meetings in order to finalize your divorce and determine custody and support more efficiently, more affordably, and cooperatively.

Collaborative divorce law is also beneficial in paving the way for amicable communication between parents in the future.

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With offices in Silver Spring and Rockville, MD, Andalman & Flynn offers legal representation to divorce clients in Montgomery County as well as in Prince George’s and Howard counties. We know how complex and sensitive matters involving divorce and children can be, and we want to make sure your children’s best interests are well taken care of as they begin a new way of life. We can assist you in resolving your divorce and resulting legal matters in court or through alternative means of resolution.

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