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Can I Change My Last Name as Part of My Divorce?

Jul 17, 2018 | Divorce Law

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.
When clients file pleadings in court to obtain a divorce, one question I often ask is whether or not they would like to change their name back to their maiden name. The law in Maryland allows for a petitioner to seek the court to grant them a name change as part of their divorce. This doesn’t mean that you can change your name to anything you want. The law is specific and will allow for a spouse who has taken the name of their new spouse in marriage to revert back to their maiden name. It is rare for a judge to deny this request, provided the request is being made to evade your creditors or for fraudulent purposes.

The decision of whether or not to change your name is a personal one that should be given some thought. Many people find that they prefer to keep the same last name because they have now children who share that name. Others have established themselves in their respective careers and believe that a name change would cause confusion for their career. Others can’t wait to change their name due to the dissolution of the marriage. There are many personal reasons to consider, but if you do decide to change your name, please remember to seek the appropriate paperwork to notify the Social Security Administration, as well as the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration.

Before you can notify Social Security and the MVA, you will need to have a certified copy of your divorce decree that states and is ordered by the judge that your name is now changed. Therefore, you should seek the assistance of an attorney to ensure that you file your pleadings correctly and that the appropriate language is included in the decree to ensure your name change takes effect.

If you are filing for divorce in Maryland and are seeking an experienced, compassionate divorce lawyer, contact Andalman & Flynn today. We can assist with legal name changes and all other matters pertaining to divorce.

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