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By: Megan Pell, Family Law Intern

Andalman & Flynn attorneys Mary Ellen Flynn was placed on the court-approved roster of Best Interest Attorneys for the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Mary Ellen has been placed in the category of Most Experienced BIA’s (Attorneys with More than Ten (10+) Years of Practice Experience).

As a court-certified Best Interest Attorneys, Mary Ellen may be appointed as legal counsel for children in certain family cases, typically those which involve child custody or child access. Representing minor children in domestic cases often means that Best Interest Attorneys play a vital role in assisting the Judge determine what custody or access arrangement is in a child’s best interest.

To qualify to serve as a BIA in Maryland, an attorney must comply with Maryland Rule 9-205.1 and the Maryland Guidelines for Practice for Court-Appointed Lawyers Representing Children in Cases Involving Child Custody or Child Access (“Guidelines”).  Attorneys must apply for this position and meet certain requirements before approval is granted.  Some of these requirements include: completing several hours of BIA training, agreeing to take at least one pro bono case per year, having at least three years of family law experience and maintaining his or her own liability insurance.   BIA’s must then be approved by a Family Division Master before having their name placed on the Circuit Court roster.

To view the full list of approved BIA’s, along with additional information on BIA appointment, and the Maryland Guidelines for BIA’s, click here.