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My Needs, Your Needs, Their Needs: Three Important Things to Know Regarding Special Needs Children and Divorce

By: Martinette Jennifer, Esq. Divorce can be an emotionally charged and frustrating process for anyone. But for divorcing couples with children with special needs, divorce takes on a whole new set of challenges. Divorcing parents of children with special needs have...

How Child Support Affects Your Taxes

By Nelson Garcia, 301.563.6685 People often ask me how does child support affect their taxes. Here are the most common questions regarding how child support affects your taxes. Is Child Support Tax Deductible or Taxable? The answer to this question is always simply...

What Happens If You Fail to Pay Child Support?

By:  Amanda Vann, Esq. Email: Some parents have the misconception that visitation with their children will be affected if they are not receiving or paying the court-ordered child support payments. This is a misconception, as failure to pay child support...