Social Security Disability Testimonials

Social Security Disability Testimonials

Client Testimonial – I really appreciate you and the fact that you are always honest with me and looking out for my best interests!


I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me! I really appreciate you and the fact that you are always honest with me and looking out for my best interests! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me a reassure me! If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please let me know! I didn’t tell you about my degree to brag but I wanted to let you know that you had a positive effect on my life and I’m going in the right direction because of you. When you met me, I was too sick to work and you helped me win disability benefits, which took four years, two hearings and work before the Appeals Council. Now I’m doing my best to be a contributing member of society. You believed in me and for that I will never forget you! If I hear of anyone who needs a lawyer like I did, I will definitely recommend you!

Client Testimonial – I would strongly recommend Ms. Prikhodko to anyone going through this process.

I am extremely pleased with the experience and knowledge of attorney Michelle Prikhodko and her paralegal Aynsley Dunham. After another attorney had declined to continue with my case, Ms. Prikhodko stepped in at the 11th hour and took full control of gathering all of the necessary reports to continue on. Throughout the process she stayed in touch with me and answered all my questions. I will always be extremely grateful to Ms. Prikhodlo for successfully handling my case. Her professionalism and dedication to successfully getting the job done was a comfort to me and I knew I was in excellent hands. I would strongly recommend Ms. Prikhodko to anyone going through this process. I cannot thank her enough for all she has accomplished on my behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Client Testimonial –I have never been so pleased and so surprised with the knowledge and the determination of this law firm…

“I have never been so pleased and so surprised with the knowledge and the determination of this law firm, who helped me with my Social Security Disability claim. Michelle Prikhodko and her paralegal Aynsley Dunham are the most professional and wonderful people do deal with and to get results, filed in January of 2014 and by May of 2014, this firm was able to get me approved for my disability. Will always be grateful and will definitely use them again if need be.”

Client Testimonial – I am totally pleased with the work done by Andalman & Flynn and highly recommend them.

“Attorney Elliott Andalman at Andalman & Flynn worked for me to successfully resolve important issues with the Social Security Administration (SSA) concerning my disability benefits. I had been on disability for many years when in 2012, the SSA determined that I was no longer eligible for payments, stopped my payments, and advised me I had to repay about $250,000.00 that they claimed I owed them. I disagreed and took my case to Elliott Andalman for representation. He accepted, and after approximately 10 months of work, successfully resolved all issues in my favor. Not only did SSA reinstate my disability benefits, but SSA cancelled the overpayment and paid me all the back benefits that I was due. For obvious reasons I am totally pleased with the work done by Andalman & Flynn and highly recommend them.”

Client Testimonials – I do want to thank you personally about the patience…

“Dear Ariele,

I just spoke to Mr. Andalman and heard the good news. I do want to thank you personally about the patience, diligence and detailed answers you provided to every single e-mail I have been sending you for a couple of years. They were coming back almost the next minute after I have sent mine. This was the quality of mine which I lost when I got sick. With so many cases coming to your desk, forms, letters, calls from people like me, only special type of people can do what you do. I am really grateful to have had you work on my case.

Thank you very much!



Client Testimonial – Mr. Andalman, you too are a great defender!

“Dear Ariel, Nikki, and Staff,

Thank you so much for the assistance, help, and support that you all gave me during my visits. Each time that I was there, you girls made me feel secure and protected. Just like…being home with family members. Besides, Mr. Andalman, you too are a great defender! Thank you! I will see you again (some day) Love always.”

– S. Vargas, Gaithersburg, MD

Client Testimonial – Indeed, you are an exceptional defender!

“Mr. Andalman, I want to thank you and congratulate you immensely for the great job you did to represent my case. Indeed, you are an exceptional defender! (there is no doubt about it). God bless you, your firm, and your family. Mil gracias.”

– S. Vargas, Gaithersburg, MD.

Client Testimonial – You are a great law firm!!

“To: Mr. Elliott Andalman, Ms. Ariele Stromberg, Ms. Michelle Amick and all the others working behind the scenes on my claim at Andalman & Flynn:

You are a great law firm!!

Thanks for the incredible service, kindness, thoughtful treatment and unbelievable technical execution I received from all of you in handling my disability claim.

From the first conversation with Mr. Andalman, who got back to me after-hours the same day I called him; to the many calls and emails I exchanged with Ms. Stromberg, I always felt like I was your only client. Your big hearts were shining through in all those exchanges.

I lost hope in my claim a number of times along the way, especially since I had already left employment. But Ms. Stromberg never did. She was a great comfort to me in reassuring me that my claim had merit. I believed in her.

When considering Andalman & Flynn for representation, I had the good fortune to read about your firm’s background on your webpage and found myself so impressed with your long history of working for individual liberties. There are few out there who still believe in these valuable principles.

Yes, you are “nice” people. But most importantly you won my claim. And you did so on the first filing—no appeals, no court time and no testimonies.

I don’t know how legal cases of this type normally work out, but that seems like astonishing execution to me. In street parlance it might be said: “Andalman & Flynn, You Rock!”

As I said in one of my emails, I am sure glad I did not try to do it myself. I would have made one big, giant mess out of it.

In closing, I’d like to say it was my privilege to be represented by you. It’s hard to imagine a more skilled, more personable organization anywhere. May the service you are providing to your clients return to you many fold.

Very Gratefully Yours,

J. –Maryland”

Client Testimonial – I Knew That My Case Was In Good Hands

“Dear Atty. Andalman and Associates:

Dear Atty. Andalman and Associates:

I am writing this letter to you in order to express my appreciation for the job both yourself and your staff did in bringing my Social Security Claim to a positive conclusion. Realizing that each and every claim is different and that some may require a more extensive amount of work than others (mine being a perfect example), I now more than ever can appreciate the amount of time, dedication and hard work you all put in on behalf of both me and my wife. I especially appreciated the availability of everyone in your office to answer the many questions which I had throughout the process. And if I did need to leave a message or write an e-mail, it was always answered in a timely fashion. This gave me great comfort as did all the people I dealt with over the last few months. While speaking to you on the phone during the process, I developed a sense of trust. I knew that my case was in good hands! Then when I received my hearing date, I will admit I was nervous as to what the outcome would be. But before I even went into the Judge’s chambers, you sat with me and discussed how the hearing would be conducted. It was at this point that I became very comfortable and relaxed because of your professionalism but even more because of your genuine concern for me. I truly believe that if everyone had an attorney like you they would have a much better chance of winning their case.”

You’re a great attorney and an even better person.

Dennis B. Watts
Silver Spring, MD

Client Testimonial – Always There For Me

“I applied for Social Security in 2002. I was denied and took my case to the highest level, the Administrative Law Judge. I was still denied. In 2004, I went to Elliott Andalman for help. I was referred to him by a health professional that told me if it was possible to win, Elliott Andalman would be the person that could do it. He took my case which led to a victory in 2009. Elliott and his paralegal, Ariele Hausner, not only helped me win my case but they were always there for me. Always taking my calls, reassuring me that they would stand by my side. I developed a wonderful relationship with the two of them. I trust them completely. I even had an opportunity to review Elliot’s credentials. I was very humbled that he took my case. He has been on and won a wide variety of high profile cases. I don’t think anyone else would have stuck by my side and not given up like the two of them did. They both did their best at all times. To them I am eternely grateful. Thank you for a job well done.”

S.H. – Washington, D.C.

Grateful Client

“Elliott Andalman,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my first disability check and I want to thank you and Ariele very much for all of the work that you did to make this happen for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again.


Client Testimonial – What A Breeze

“From: Bob, Santa Fe, NM

Elliott Andalman and staff, particularly Ms. Haamid, expertly handled my applications for disability retirement from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). Their painstaking attention to detail made it possible for my applications to be approved in near-record time (6 months for OPM and 2 months for SSA). More importantly, Elliott’s sensitive but powerful gift of persuasion made personal contacts with my supervisor and physicians into positive experiences. He made these necessary exchanges easy for the participants so that application responses were handled efficiently, effectively, and painlessly. My supervisor even complimented me on Elliott’s adept handling of the application process. My kudos to Elliott and Ms. Haamid.”

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