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Maryland Separation Agreement Lawyers

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A separation agreement, once executed, is an enforceable and legally binding contract. Whether parties are physically separating from each other or are looking to separate their property, financial, or other obligations, a separation agreement can clearly set forth the respective rights and obligations of each party.

A separation agreement may contain provisions regarding:

The agreement sets out the understanding between the parties, establishes rights and settles issues. The parties do not have to file the separation agreement with the court in order for it to be enforceable as a contract. A clearly written agreement can help avoid misunderstandings.

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How Are Separation Agreements Created?

Separation agreements are created by the parties, often with the assistance of a separate lawyer representing each party. The parties may negotiate the terms of the agreement with the help of legal counsel. In some cases, they may participate in an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation or collaborative law in order to develop a comprehensive agreement.

Separation Agreement Attorneys in Maryland

Andalman & Flynn family law lawyers provide services regarding separation agreements including:

  • Providing advice regarding entering a separation agreement
  • Identifying issues for resolution by a separation agreement
  • Negotiating a separation agreement
  • Drafting a separation agreement
  • Assisting with the implementation of a separation agreement
  • Enforcing a separation agreements
  • Modifying a separation agreement
  • Challenging unconscionable separation agreements
  • Defending claims arising out of separation agreements

In the event that separation is occurring between married persons, the separation agreement might alternatively be called a marital settlement agreement or a property settlement agreement.

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