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At Andalman & Flynn, our lawyers are well-versed in all matters pertaining to family law and aim to achieve successful outcomes for each of our clients. We understand that this may be a stressful or difficult time for you and your family and we are here to help, drawing on our experience and compassion to ensure all your needs are met. Since our firm began in 1998, we have worked hard to build our solid reputation for excellence in service and skilled representation. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to securing the future of your family.

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Western Howard County, MD Family Law Services

Our family law attorneys can assist clients in Glenwood, Cooksville, Woodmark, Dayton, and the surrounding areas with claims related to:

We specifically help clients protect their assets with the following family law services:

  • Filing suit and all aspects of domestic litigation
  • Property settlement agreements in conjunction with divorce
  • Support agreements
  • Custody agreements
  • Drafting of qualified domestic relations orders and retirement benefit orders
  • Income and gift tax planning in conjunction with all of the above services
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, and collaborative law
  • Enforcement of agreements, court orders, and judgments

Divorce & Family Law Lawyers in Western Howard County

Divorce is a life-changing process for which no one can ever truly prepare. Just as every couple has their own reasons for entering into a relationship, there is a unique set of circumstances surrounding each divorce. Regardless of whether the decision to divorce is based on adultery, irreconcilable differences, domestic violence, or other concerns, once it has been made, the next (and most important) step is to ensure your interests are adequately represented.

The divorce attorneys at Andalman & Flynn have the experience and compassion needed to guide you through each stage of the divorce proceedings, using our exceptional negotiating skills to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

When you are faced with legal challenges that affect every member of your family, including your children, it is imperative that the lawyer you choose to represent you will protect your rights and interests. Our attorneys offer a unique perspective on family law, helping clients to view the process as a whole with both an ending and a new beginning, ensuring you have the freedom, financial independence, and peace of mind to successfully navigate this new chapter in your life.

Whether you have recently decided to proceed with your divorce, are seeking protection against an abusive spouse, or require assistance with child custody, your choice of attorney has a strong impact on the outcome of the proceedings. Our winning record and reputation for excellence are your assurance that you can focus on the well-being of you and your children during this difficult time while we fight for what is rightfully yours.

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The divorce lawyers at Andalman & Flynn are dedicated to providing expert legal assistance through every aspect of your divorce, matters relating to custody, or any other family issues law you may have. By having a trusted, experienced attorney on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your legal interests are masterfully represented.

Taking that first step toward your new life can be intimidating, but with Andalman & Flynn by your side, you won’t have to do it alone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney in Western Howard County for the experienced, compassionate representation you deserve.