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Social Security Disability Case Results

Almost $80,000 in accrued benefits for client after appeal

This claimant was mentally retarded and was receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits since 1989. With the help and support of his family, he was also working in a sheltered workshop. In 2004 the Social Security Administration (SSA) determined that the claimant’s earnings from the sheltered workshop were too high to receive SSD, terminated the claimant’s SSD benefits, and sought collection of an overpayment of almost $60,000 going back to 1996. With the help of the claimant’s family and the sheltered workshop, counsel presented proof to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) that the SSA erred in terminating the claimant from the SSD program. The ALJ issued a Fully Favorable Decision for the claimant, reinstated the client’s benefits, and reversed the finding of an overpayment. Our firm is particularly proud of ultimately obtaining almost $80,000 in accrued benefits for this deserving client.

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