Maryland ICC News: Watch Your Speed, Part 2!
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Maryland ICC News: Watch Your Speed, Part 2! – Main Section of the ICC to Open

Oct 31, 2011 | Traffic Law

By: Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq.

Many commuters will rejoice on November 22nd when the main section of the ICC opens.

Currently, the ICC only spans from I-270 to Norbeck Road, with the new addition connecting Norbeck Road to I-95.

This stretch of new road may tempt some to be a little more aggressive with the gas pedal; however, I strongly urge you to comply with the speed limit. In the past, the currently open section of the ICC has been heavily patrolled by the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Speeding tickets may end up taking some hard-earned cash out of your wallet via fines, and the Maryland Point System can adversely affect your insurance policy rates and your ability to drive. (Also, in some cases, criminal charges may be the result!)

The Maryland Point System for speeding is as follows:
• 1 to 9 miles/hour over – 1 points
• 10 to 29 miles/hour – 2 points
• 30 miles/hour or greater, or 20 miles/hour or greater in 65 mph zone – 5 points

*The point system does not apply to speed camera violations.

Keep in mind that points stay on your driving record for 2 years. 8 points accumulated in 2 years results in a suspension; 12 points will result in your license being revoked. In addition, your insurance rates will likely increase with the accumulation of points on your record.

Free Tolls for Limited Time!
For those looking to cruise the ICC, it has been announced that from November 22 – December 4, the entire ICC will be free of tolls. (Just make sure you keep it free by avoiding speeding tickets!)
On December 5th, the toll rate will range between $1.60 and $4 for full length travel on the ICC, depending upon the time of day. Peak rates are $0.25/mile; $0.20/mile off-peak; and $0.10/mile overnight.

What the ICC Means for our Area
The ICC is expected to open up new opportunities for those seeking high-wage jobs along the I-270 corridor from areas as far away as Baltimore. The travel time from Laurel to Gaithersburg is currently estimated to be 47 minutes on local roads. The ICC is expected to decrease the transit time to 17 minutes.

View a map of the entire ICC. *See section labeled in green*

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