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Effective July 2012, State of Maryland retirees will receive a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) increase of 3.157%. This increase will only affect retirees who have been retired at least a year.

The COLA increase will be capped at 3% for those employees whose pension plans have a COLA cap. Retirees whose COLA increase is capped at 3% include: the Employees’ and Teachers’ Alternate Contributory, Contributory, and Non-Contributory Pension System, the Law Enforcement Officers’ Pension System (LEOPS), the Employees’ and Teachers’ Retirement System (Plan C retirees only) as well as the Local Fire and Police System.

As experienced disability law attorneys we, at Andalman & Flynn, P.C. are happy to answer any of your questions regarding your State of Maryland Disability Retirement.

We have significant experience representing clients seeking disability benefits. For more information and how you may be impacted, contact one of our Disability Benefits attorneys, Elliott Andalman and  Peter Casciano.