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Domestic Violence and Guns – A Fatal Attraction

May 10, 2016 | Domestic Violence, Peace Orders, Protective Orders

By: Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq.


Once again, a domestic matter inflicted terror on Montgomery County, Maryland. Last week’s killer, Eulalio Tordil, fatally shot his wife and then committed further shootings, killing two additional people and injuring three people while trying to escape and avoid arrest. If you remember, the Montgomery County sniper in 2002 also stemmed from a domestic matter. That killer, John Allen Muhammad, wanted custody of his kids and committed a string of murders (10 in this area and seven elsewhere and a total of 10 others injured) in hope that when he killed his ex-wife it would be deemed random like the other killings and he wouldn’t be considered a suspect.

Domestic violence is a serious issue not only for the families involved but for the surrounding communities and beyond. The proliferation of guns and the easy access to them makes it too easy for angry, emotionally disturbed, or psychologically impaired persons to kill their families and strangers alike. Whenever I obtain protective orders for my clients, I remind them that they still need to be on their guard and careful at all times. I wish that I can promise peace and safety, but I can’t. However, obtaining a protective order is still necessary whenever one is a victims of domestic violence.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with domestic violence attorneys that are dedicated to protecting your rights and have a record of winning verdicts in the Maryland area.

Advantages of Having a Protective Order In Place

A protective order can do the following for you:

  • Remove the offending party from your home with a Police Officer present;
  • Order the offending party to stay away from you, your home, work, and school;
  • Have all firearms removed from the offending party’s possession;
  • Give you custody of your children, and if appropriate create a visitation schedule either supervised or unsupervised;
  • Order the offending party to pay you temporary support, called “emergency family maintenance” in Protective Order proceedings.

Protection from Domestic Violence in Maryland

If you are in immediate fear of safety in your own home, please call 911 for police protection and seek a Protective Order. In Maryland, you would go to a Circuit Court or a District Court during court hours or you go to a Commissioner if it’s not court hours who is available 24/7 when Courts are not open.

For more information about protection from abuse & violence, click the link. If you are being harassed, stalked or intimidated by someone you don’t live with or have an intimate relationship with, then you would go to Court or a Commissioner and seek a Peace Order. Click here to learn more about Protective and Peace Orders.

Protection from Abuse and Violence in Montgomery County, MD

At Andalman & Flynn, we have extensive knowledge of domestic violence laws in the Maryland area and are dedicated to providing you with the support you need through these difficult times. Our attorneys can help provide you with protection from abuse by obtaining and enforcing Protective Orders and Peace Orders, as needed. Both orders will help protect you with stay away and no contact orders in attempt to stop harmful acts and threats.

If you would like to find out whether a Maryland Protective Order or Peace Order is appropriate for your circumstances, call 301-563-6685 or email me at to schedule a consultation. The most important Civil Right is peace and safety in our homes and lives.

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