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Know the Difference! Understanding Disability Benefits Under the Federal System

May 14, 2012 | Disability Benefits Law, Federal Disability Retirement, Social Security Disability

If you are beginning the process of applying for disability benefits of any nature from the federal government, it is critical that you are aware of the breadth of possible benefits offered, each with its own unique requirements and complexities. Understanding disability benefits is essential to knowing what you should apply for and to maximizing your chances of receiving benefits.

You should be aware of three main programs for disabled individuals provided by the government:

Federal Workers Compensation Benefits

Federal Workers compensation benefits are offered under four major compensation plans, depending on your type of federal service. These benefits are intended as wage and benefit replacements and provide for a degree of medical treatment or vocational rehabilitation services for federal employees injured at work.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are given to disabled individuals who have paid taxes into the Social Security system during their career. A finding of disability under the Social Security system is based on total and permanent disability, rather than a temporary or partially disabling condition. Social Security disability benefits may be offset against other types of benefits received, including workers compensation, federal disability retirement or long term disability benefits.

Federal Disability Retirement Benefits

Federal Disability Retirement requires at least 18 months of “creditable service” in the federal government. Entitled applicants are those who are unable to provide “useful and efficient service” because of injury or illness, and whose agency is unable to accommodate them. FERS requires all those applying for Disability Retirement also apply for Social Security Disability benefits contemporaneously.

Understanding Disability Benefits with Andalman & Flynn

Understanding disability benefits available is critical to ensuring you apply for the benefit that best suits your situation and to the ultimate success of your claim. At Andalman & Flynn, our disability attorneys are experienced in all aspects of disability law, including all three benefits mentioned above. We can help you better understand disability benefits and the application process so that you can maximize your chances of receiving benefits. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

We have significant experience representing clients seeking disability benefits. For more information and how you may be impacted, contact one of our Disability Benefits attorneys, Elliott Andalman and  Peter Casciano.