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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial – You are a great law firm!!

To: Mr. Elliott Andalman, Ms. Ariele Stromberg, Ms. Michelle Amick and all the others working behind the scenes on my claim at Andalman & Flynn:

You are a great law firm!!

Thanks for the incredible service, kindness, thoughtful treatment and unbelievable technical execution I received from all of you in handling my disability claim.

From the first conversation with Mr. Andalman, who got back to me after-hours the same day I called him; to the many calls and emails I exchanged with Ms. Stromberg, I always felt like I was your only client. Your big hearts were shining through in all those exchanges.

I lost hope in my claim a number of times along the way, especially since I had already left employment. But Ms. Stromberg never did. She was a great comfort to me in reassuring me that my claim had merit. I believed in her.

When considering Andalman & Flynn for representation, I had the good fortune to read about your firm’s background on your webpage and found myself so impressed with your long history of working for individual liberties. There are few out there who still believe in these valuable principles.

Yes, you are “nice” people. But most importantly you won my claim. And you did so on the first filing—no appeals, no court time and no testimonies.

I don’t know how legal cases of this type normally work out, but that seems like astonishing execution to me. In street parlance it might be said: “Andalman & Flynn, You Rock!”

As I said in one of my emails, I am sure glad I did not try to do it myself. I would have made one big, giant mess out of it.

In closing, I’d like to say it was my privilege to be represented by you. It’s hard to imagine a more skilled, more personable organization anywhere. May the service you are providing to your clients return to you many fold.

Very Gratefully Yours,

J. –Maryland

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