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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial – Always There For Me

I applied for Social Security in 2002.  I was denied and took my case to the highest level, the Administrative Law Judge.  I was still denied.  In 2004, I went to Elliott Andalman for help.  I was referred to him by a health professional that told me if it was possible to win, Elliott Andalman would be the person that could do it.  He took my case which led to a victory in 2009.  Elliott and his paralegal, Ariele Hausner, not only helped me win my case but they were always there for me.  Always taking my calls, reassuring me that they would stand by my side.  I developed a wonderful relationship with the two of them.  I trust them completely.  I even had an opportunity to review Elliot’s credentials.  I was very humbled that he took my case.  He has been on and won a wide variety of high profile cases.  I don’t think anyone else would have stuck by my side and not given up like the two of them did.  They both did their best at all times.  To them I am eternely grateful.  Thank you for a job well done.

S.H. – Washington, D.C.

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