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Do you need Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) in the Boston area? Getting approved for a claim isn’t always easy. The application process can be tedious and difficult to navigate on your own. But when you choose Andalman & Flynn’s Boston, MA SSD lawyers, we will help you through the obstacles of your claim to maximize your chance of success. Contact us to schedule your consultation—we’re available in person and by phone for your convenience.

The Social Security Disability System in Boston, MA

Imagine this: You are a 36-year-old office manager with a wife and two children. You are able to support your family on your salary so your wife can stay home with the kids when out of nowhere, you start to feel very weak. Soon, you notice you’re losing a great deal of weight and can’t keep anything down. You consult a doctor, who gives you the startling news: you have symptoms of severe leukemia.

Fortunately, the disease was diagnosed early enough to give you a strong chance of recovery—but you will have to spend most of your time in the near future undergoing therapy and rehabilitation. For at least three years, you will have to follow a strict treatment schedule consisting of diet, rest, and regular therapy sessions. You quickly realize that the long hours and other requirements of your job are too demanding while you work to restore your health.

You have a good long term disability insurance policy that agrees to pay for your therapy, as well as approximately 60 percent of your current annual salary for up to five years. Your wife can work, too, if necessary, but you don’t want your illness to disrupt your children and the stability of your family life any more than it already has. The human resources coordinator at work tells you about Social Security disability insurance and after some research, you calculate that you may be eligible for $2000 a month—which will make up the difference between your regular salary and the reduced amount you’ll receive through long term disability insurance.

You apply for SSDI at your local Social Security office, explain your situation to a case worker, and provide copies of all required documents, including your medical records, birth certificate, and W2s from the previous two years. The case worker explains that your file will be prepared and sent to the local Disability Determination Services, which will review your case, collect medical records and determine whether your disability qualifies you for SSDI. You should hear back in the next three to four months.

After 90 days, you finally receive a notice in the mail from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The letter states that your medical conditions do not prevent you from working. Your claim has been denied.

The news is devastating. What can you do now? How will you support your family?

Consult Our Boston, MA Social Security Disability Attorneys

Andalman & Flynn’s Social Security disability lawyers serving Boston, MA can protect your rights to get you the best possible outcome. Whether you have already applied and been denied or you are looking for assistance navigating the system for the first time, we can ensure your application is fully and accurately completed to maximize your chances of success. Our Boston SSD attorneys have established a record of winning verdicts in disability law, and we are compassionate to the sensitivities of these cases. We strive to provide you with all the support you need to get through this difficult time for a brighter future.

Let us worry about the application process so you can focus on what’s really important—your health. To discuss your claim with an experienced Social Security disability attorney on our team, contact us today.