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Arbitration is a process in which both sides in a dispute, and their attorneys if represented, present their side to a neutral third-party who will decide the outcome outside of a courtroom. This is called the arbitrator.

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Arbitration Law in Maryland

During the arbitration process, each side has the opportunity to present testimony, evidence, and witnesses on their behalf, though the arbitration hearing itself is usually informal when compared to a court trial in which the rules of evidence apply. Often, the parties may select the arbitrator themselves.

This allows for a faster resolution to a dispute than might otherwise be obtained from the courts. The parties may have the choice of making the arbitration binding or non-binding, meaning that the arbitrator’s decision may either be the final decision or may be rejected by the parties, who will then litigate the matter in court.

In some instances, there may be a contract, law, or regulation requiring arbitration to resolve a dispute. Arbitration may also be a tool to simplify and reduce the number of issues to be resolved at trial, allowing additional time during the trial for larger, more complicated issues. For example, spouses in a divorce may turn to arbitration to resolve disputes regarding ownership, value, and division of retirement accounts, personal property, furniture, and household items, so more time can be devoted at trial to custody and visitation.

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