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Name Change

If you are going through a divorce in Maryland, one thing you may not have considered is whether you are going to change your last name. Will you keep the name of your spouse or switch back to your maiden name? This is a question we’ve found many of our divorce clients haven’t thought of—but it is also something that should be considered early on.

If you are going to want to change your name, you will need to include your request in the Complaint for Divorce to avoid filing a separation application with separate fees after your divorce is finalized.

At Andalman & Flynn, we understand that changing your name can be the start of a new life and offer legal assistance with the name change process in the state of Maryland. Please contact us for a consultation. We can also offer representation for any legal matters resulting from your divorce, such as those pertaining to your children.

How to File for a Last Name Change in Maryland

We advise our clients to file for a last name change during the divorce process as opposed to after. By asking for a name change when you file for your divorce, you can do so free of charge and without any extensive wait period.

However, if you decide you want a name change after divorce is finalized, the process becomes a bit more complicated. Applicants must file a Change of Name Request, pay the application fees, provide documentation containing the previous name, and follow all appropriate procedures before the name change can be approved and take effect. In most cases, your name change will be approved unless your request is for illegal, fraudulent, or immoral purposes.

If you are already divorced and would still like to change your last name, the attorneys at Andalman & Flynn can offer legal assistance to ensure your application is properly and accurately completed.

Name Change After Divorce Checklist

If your name change is approved, it is important to have all documentation updated with the correct name. This includes:

  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s license and vehicle documentation
  • Passports
  • Checking, saving, and credit card accounts
  • Voter registration
  • All forms of insurance
  • All legal contracts
  • Loan documentation

Note that many of these changes can be made at the same time. The attorneys at Andalman & Flynn can advise you and assist you in completing all necessary paperwork so you can begin your new life with the name you feel most comfortable.

Contact Us to File for a Name Change in Maryland

At Andalman & Flynn, our family law attorneys assist clients throughout Maryland with all aspects of divorce and related legal matters. This may include child support and custody, alimony, and last name changes for those in the Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Howard County areas. Whether you have not yet begun the divorce process and require an attorney to assist you with all stages of your divorce or your separation is final but you still require a name change, we can help.

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