How to Find the Business or Individual You’re Suing
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I Want to Sue a Person or Business, But I Can’t Find Them…HELP!

Apr 4, 2016 | Alternative Dispute Resolution, Maryland Law

Imagine you have been wronged by a person or business and feel helpless as your calls, letters, and emails go unanswered. You have decided that your only recourse is to turn to the courts and file a lawsuit against that person or business. There’s only one problem: you have no idea how to locate that individual or business entity.

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Finding the Business or Individual You’re Suing

Locating the Business

With respect to businesses, each state typically has an online record of business entities and their resident agent, or the individual who has been designated by that business to receive lawsuits. In Maryland, persons can search the Department of Assessments & Taxation to locate businesses and the resident agent.

Locating the Individual

With individuals, it can be considerably more difficult as that individual can move from residence to residence without a trace. While some law firms and collections agencies have access to databases and software that help locate individuals who are subject to certain lawsuits, many people are left turning to Google, social media, and the white pages to find the opposing party.

Filing a Motion for Alternative Service

Fortunately, the courts permit individuals in Maryland to file a Motion for Alternative Service. In this Motion, one can tell the court that he/she has filed a lawsuit and has attempted to locate the individual through a number of ways. These can include:

  • Sending a letter to the opposing party at his/her last known address via certified mail;
  • Sending a letter to the opposing party’s employer in an attempt to get that person’s current address;
  • Hiring a private investigator or to attorney to assist in locating the opposing party; and/or
  • Sending a letter to the opposing party’s friends and/or relatives in an attempt to obtain the opposing party’s current address.

The above list includes just a small number of ways the court will request that you attempt to locate the subject of your lawsuit by considering your Motion. A judge will then determine whether your attempts are considered enough to grant your Motion for Alternative Service, which will allow you to serve notice on the individual by simply posting or publicizing the lawsuit in a local publication. You can then proceed with your lawsuit as if you personally handed the lawsuit to your opposing party.

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