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Peter Casciano Attends Session on “Winning Social Security Disability Cases at the Reconsideration Level”

Oct 31, 2019 | Andalman & Flynn News, Disability Benefits Law, Highlights, Social Security Disability

On October 4, 2019, Peter Casciano attended an important seminar on “Winning SSD and SSI Cases at the Reconsideration Level”. The event was hosted by the Maryland Association for Justice in Columbia, Maryland.

Statistically, the Reconsideration stage of a Social Security Disability claim represents the most difficult time to secure a winning decision. The national approval rate at this stage is just 13%. Winning during Reconsideration can be invaluable, as it enables claimants to avoid the standard 12 to18 month waiting period for a hearing.

Mr. Casciano attended the seminar in order to further refine his skills as an attorney working on Social Security Disability benefits claims and to secure the tools that enable him to best advocate for his clients at this difficult stage of the process. The seminar focused on developing medical evidence that may be persuasive to decision makers at the Reconsideration stage. Particular attention was paid to the development and refinement of the Disability Report, a common Social Security form that is sometimes overlooked but can be a helpful tool in winning claims at the Reconsideration stage.