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Should I Go to Court Against My Spouse or Ex-Spouse?

Feb 9, 2017 | Divorce Law

By: Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq.

In a perfect world, spouses and ex-spouses would always be able to resolve their differences without court and litigation and instead would come to a settlement through Collaborative Law, Mediation or Negotiation. However, unfortunately, in many Family Law matters, there is an abuser, controller or stalker on the other side. From my 28+ years of being a divorce lawyer, you cannot negotiate with those type of persons. And when you try to negotiate with them, you literally feel like you’re going insane and you will either not settle or you would need to capitulate to resolve an issue. In those situations, you need to go to Court to get justice and a fair result.

In Court, there are procedures, rules and decorum that must be followed. As a result bullies, stalkers and abusers lose their advantage of intimidation and fear when in Court. And when you have a just cause, an excellent lawyer and follow the rules of Court, I believe you will win in Court. Also, in Maryland family law cases involving alimony, child support and child custody, you have the right to request the Court to have your spouse, ex-spouse or the other parent pay your attorney’s fees.

Court is also necessary when you need to enforce provisions of a Marital Settlement Agreement “MSA” (also known as a Voluntary Separation Agreement). Through Court you can obtain an Order compelling your spouse, ex-spouse or the other parent to comply with the Agreement; and if the Agreement is incorporated in a Judgment of Divorce, you have the right to have the other side held in Contempt of Court. Further, if your Agreement provides attorney’s fees for the prevailing party, you can ask the Court to have the other side pay for your attorney’s fees in enforcing the Agreement.

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