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I Have a Judgment, Now What?

Mar 12, 2013 | Collection Law

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.
Email: Awargo@a-f.net

You’ve gone through the process of getting a judgment against a debtor who owes you money for whatever reason. And perhaps you thought getting the judgment would automatically put money in your pocket well …think again.

The Attorneys at Andalman and Flynn have expertise in the collection of judgments and know how to get you money for your judgment. Our legal expertise can assist you by conducting a collections assessment of the judgment debtor which will provide you with a comprehensive report and information on the likelihood of whether you will actually be able to collect any money from the judgment debtor. Our team also conducts oral examinations in aid of execution on judgment to assist our clients in discovering where a debtor has assets, employment, and income. Additionally, we can assist in obtaining garnishments of wages, property, placing liens on property, forcing real property to sale, as well as other, effective ways of getting you paid.

If you have been awarded judgment, but are having difficulty collecting money, please contact Attorneys Amanda Vann, Mary Ellen Flynn, or Peter Casciano for assistance on that judgment.