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Video Transcript

Elliott Andalman and I created Andalman and Flynn in 1998. We worked together as law firm partners at another firm for 10 years before that.

At Andalman and Flynn we treat each client as a family member. And that’s the level of service we try to provide.

We concentrate in the areas of disability benefits, all areas of family law, including the collaborative law process, and also handle all types of civil litigation.

We work to obtain disability benefits for people in all areas, some of those areas include social security disability benefits, long and short term disability and federal disability retirement. Regardless of what area of disability benefits law we’re practicing, we can help you win your case at Andalman and Flynn.

If you’re going through a separation or divorce from your spouse, you definitely want to come in here for a consultation. We would be able to explain the process to you and answer all your questions. Not only do we explain the process to you, but then we’re ready to take on your case. We will negotiate it the best way we can, and if we can not work out a resolution, either through maybe negotiation or mediation, then we are certainly prepared to go to court for you. We very much believe that not only are we aggressive, but also work to make sure that we handle what you really need to get done.

Here at Andalman and Flynn, we believe in a holistic approach. You will work with one or two people from the beginning of your case to the end of your case. Our employees make sure that we have a sense of who you are, what it takes to win your case, and exactly what evidence we need. That separates us from other attorneys who handle cases in a very formulaic way.

Here at Andalman and Flynn, we are used to dealing with people in crisis, whether it’s a family crisis, or a disability crisis, or a criminal charge. We will use our experience and our knowledge to find constructive solutions to your problem.