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Client Testimonial – A Win From 1700 Miles Away

Elliott, I am writing this letter to thank you and Zubaidah for the incredible job you did regarding my Federal Disability Retirement.  After my initial application was denied I spent the better part of a day trying to locate an attorney in my area that would handle my case but everyone I talked to only handled Social Security Disability cases which was not the type of case mine was.  I found your name on Google and needless to say I wasn’t hopeful that you would take my case on and I was hesitant to deal with someone 1700 miles away but I am so glad that I did.  From day one Zubaidah was my life line.  She was helpful, kind and patient with me.  I was so frustrated when my case was denied and after talking to both of you I was re-energized and ready to appeal.  There were so many incidences where one government office didn’t or wouldn’t communicate with another which then affected their decision regarding my case.  If I had to deal with that by myself I would have given up in frustration, I personally believe OPM hopes that if they make it hard enough to get approval most people will just give up.  When I finally got my approval I couldn’t believe it and had to call Zubaidah to confirm that what I was reading actually said “approved” (just three days before I got a letter saying it was denied).   It was a long, frustrating process but we made it through.  Once again, thank you both so much.


Toni K.
Carr, CO

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