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Long Term Disability (LTD) Claim Settled for Over $800,000.00

Peter Casciano and Elliott Andalman have just settled a Long Term Disability (LTD) client’s claim in full for total settlement of over $800,000.00! This was a significant win for the client for several reasons. First, the client’s claim was denied on initial application. Mr. Casciano and Mr. Andalman were able to successfully appeal this denial and produced medical and vocational evidence that convinced the insurance company to place the client back in pay status. Then after less than two years in pay status, client’s the carrier terminated client’s benefits after surveillance was conducted on the claimant and the Carrier found out that the claimant had traveled out of the country. Again, Mr. Andalman and Mr. Casciano appealed that decision, submitted updated medical and vocational evidence, and the client was placed back into pay status. Shortly after that, the insurance company offered our client a lump sum settlement amount in lieu of any future LTD payments. The client was open to settling the claim in order to avoid future reviews and surveillance and to have control of this substantial resource. After significant negotiations, the parties reached agreement on a lump sum settlement.