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Short Term Disability Benefits

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Every day, people become disabled due to a work injury, accident, illness, or another event. Disability can cause a significant disruption in a person’s life, affecting his or her social life, romantic life, and recreational pursuits. However, the biggest impact is usually on a person’s income and ability to work. In some cases, the disability may be considered short-term or long-term in nature. In either event, the experienced lawyers at Andalman & Flynn can assist you with applying for disability benefits.

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Maryland’s Temporary Disability Assistance Program

Maryland’s Temporary Disability Assistance Program is a state-sponsored program to assist low-income individuals on a short-term basis. This program supplements the federal program and is designed to provide benefits more quickly than is typically available through Social Security disability. Eligible individuals can receive minimal cash benefits.

To be eligible, the disabled individual must have a medical practitioner complete a medical report to verify the disability. One must also satisfy the income standards to qualify. Also, if an applicant is disabled for a year or more, to qualify for Temporary Disability Assistance Program he or she must submit an application for SSI benefits under the federal program. Benefits are good for a maximum of 12 months out of a 36-month period. Applicants can obtain an application from their local Department of Social Services.

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Short Term Disability Benefits

Most short term disability benefits are provided by one’s employer. Short term disability policies may provide income replacement for inability to work caused by illness or accidents. Each policy may be different. The income replacement varies from policy to policy in both amount and duration, as described in more detail below. Some common events that may make short term disability benefits available include:


An accidental injury that arises after the policy effective date may allow for the receipt of benefits. Insurance policies typically exclude intentional injuries, injuries that occur while committing a crime or alcohol-related injuries. Some policies exclude injuries that occur at work and are covered by worker compensation.


Disability caused by an illness is generally covered. However, some policies exclude coverage for pre-existing illnesses. Each policy must be carefully read to determine whether and to what extent pre-existing illnesses are covered.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Pregnancy-related bed rest may be another short term disability. This treatment option often allows individuals who are suffering from complicated pregnancies to take care of their bodies and their babies. However, some policies may require a claimant to establish coverage by this insurance before she is pregnant.

Maternity Leave

Many short term disability policies cover maternity leave. This is often quite helpful when the mother works at a place of employment that does not provide paid maternity leave.

Income Replacement

If approved for short term disability benefits, a portion of income will be paid while unable to work. Several factors go into the amount of income replacement, including the monthly amount, the elimination period and the duration of payments. The elimination period is typically between zero days and 30 days. This is the period of time that must pass after disability begins before benefits will kick in.

Many short term disability policies pay between 50% and 75% of a person’s gross weekly wages. However, some policies may pay as high as 100%. The duration of payments is based on the insurance policy. This coverage is typically between nine and 52 weeks, but a few policies allow for up to 24 months of benefits. Employees may first be required to exhaust all sick days and other benefits before their short term disability benefits kick in.

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