Protective Orders & Peace Orders

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Have you or a loved one been abused? Do you seek protection from a violent relationship, either domestic or otherwise? You can qualify for either a Protective Order or a Peace Order, depending on your specific situation and the relationship you have with the abuser.

Domestic violence and abuse are very sensitive issues and they require immediate action to ensure your protection going forward. At Andalman & Flynn, our team of dedicated attorneys can help you determine the best course of legal action to take based on the facts of your case and file your claim. Our goal is to help victims of abuse and domestic violence recover from harmful situations with as much safety and peace of mind as possible. We’ll do everything we can to provide you the support you need to get through this difficult time.

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Protective Orders vs. Peace Orders

You can qualify for a Protective Order or a Peace Order, but not both. Your relationship to the abuser determines your eligibility for either order. Both provide protection from abuse that includes stay-away orders and no-contact orders, stopping harm and threats of harm.

Protective Orders also provide additional relief that targets the special relationship between the victim and abuser.

Such legal relief can include:

  • Custody orders
  • Visitation orders
  • Financial support
  • Use of the family home and vehicle

Peace Orders, on the other hand, provide further protection from certain criminal acts not covered by Protective Orders. Examples of criminal activities covered in Peace Orders include:

  • Harassment
  • Trespassing
  • Malicious destruction of property

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Filing for a Peace Order or Protective Order in Maryland

Filing for a Peace Order or Protective Order quickly is critical to getting you and your children the protection you need for a better way of life. But we understand how difficult it can be to take the leap. The attorneys at Andalman & Flynn offer a compassionate approach to abuse and domestic violence law and will do everything they can to provide you the support you need to get through this so you can finally be safe.

If you need immediate assistance when our office is closed, there are also options for after-hours assistance to ensure your safety until normal business hours resume. On weeknights after 5:30 p.m., weekends, or holidays, you can contact the District Court Commissioners, who will help you obtain an Interim Protective or Peace Order that grants you temporary protection. Then, the attorneys at Andalman & Flynn can work to provide you more permanent protection on the following business day.

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