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Property Settlement Agreements in Maryland

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Interested in resolving issues arising out of a relationship? A property settlement agreement can resolve the division of property or financial obligations arising out of a marital relationship, a cohabitation relationship, or similar relationships. The written documents can form a binding and enforceable contract regarding each party’s rights and obligations. At Andalman & Flynn, we can help you with property settlement agreements in matters involving cohabitation, separation, or divorce.

A property settlement agreement may also be called a post-marital agreement, a post-nuptial agreement, a domestic partner agreement, a marital settlement agreement or similar terms. Each of these agreements can provide for your rights or obligations during the relationship or in the event of a future separation, divorce, or the death of one party. Andalman & Flynn family law lawyers are knowledgeable about issues to be resolved by various property settlement agreements including martial property disposition, non-marital property disposition, alimony, support, maintenance, real property disposition, obligations for indebtedness, and disposition or preservation of various assets. For more about marital and non-marital property click here.

Property Settlement Agreement Attorneys in Maryland

Andalman & Flynn family law lawyers provide services regarding property settlement agreements including:

  • Providing advice regarding entering a property settlement agreement;
  • Identifying issues for resolution by a property settlement agreement;
  • Negotiating property settlement agreements;
  • Drafting property settlement agreements;
  • Assisting with the implementation of property settlement agreements;
  • Enforcing property settlement agreements;
  • Modifying property settlement agreements;
  • Challenging unconscionable property settlement agreements;
  • Defending claims arising out of property settlement agreements.

Our experienced lawyers at Andalman & Flynn are familiar with matters involving property settlement agreements in Maryland. Whether you have questions about negotiating property settlement agreements, enforcing property settlement agreements, modifying property settlement agreements. or need assistance to know your rights and obligations regarding a property settlement agreement, contact us online today. For a consultation, call (301) 563-6685, or toll-free at 1-888-558-7871.