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Maryland State Ordinary Disability Retirement Lawyers

Navigating the Maryland State Retirement System can be complicated, triggering the need for an experienced attorney who knows what benefits to apply for and what medical evidence is necessary to generally obtain approval of an application. The legal team at Andalman & Flynn has extensive experience in securing the benefits available under the Maryland State Retirement System.

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State Disability Retirement Benefits

Eligible state employees can access the benefits provided by the Maryland State Retirement System, including an annuity that can help them sustain their lifestyle after suffering a disability. There are two types of disability retirement benefits at the state level:

Accidental disability covers state employees such as public school teachers, administrators or state governmental agency employees who suffered a disabling injury within the scope of his or her work and is no longer able to perform the employee’s job duties.

Eligibility Criteria for Ordinary Disability Retirement Benefits

To receive ordinary disability benefits, the individual must meet certain eligibility criteria, including:

  • Be an eligible state employee
  • Have at least five years of eligibility service
  • Suffer a total and permanent disability or mental incapacitation that prevents the employee from performing his or her normal work duties

Determining Disability

State law requires that a medical board review the claim and determine if an eligible employee is permanently and totally disabled from performing his or her normal work duties. The state’s medical board is made up of a number of physicians with different backgrounds and medical specialties.  Typically, in ordinary state disability cases, the board will issue decisions on only the records generated by the claimant’s treating physicians. The strength of those medical records must be assessed by an experienced attorney in order to maximize the changes of obtaining approval from the board.

Decision Time

Ordinary disability claims are often completed in fewer than six months of filing the application. If the claimant is recommended for approval, the Board of Trustees receives this recommendation and evaluates it during their next scheduled meeting. If the medical board denies the claim, the claimant can ask for reconsideration. He or she only has 30 days to make this request from the date of the disability unit’s notice of the denial.

Benefit Information

If a claimant is approved for benefits, he or she will receive an estimate of disability benefits approved by the Board of Trustees. This calculation typically takes between two and three weeks to complete. The claimant’s personal statement of benefits can also provide an estimate of disability benefits. It normally takes between 30 and 60 days for a claimant to begin receiving benefits after being approved and filing the additional paperwork required.

How the MD Disability Lawyers of Andalman & Flynn Can Help

The disability process can be quite complex. Having an experienced attorney on your side can increase your chances for an approved claim. Various filing deadlines must be met, or you can waive your opportunity to receive benefits or to appeal an adverse decision. There are many steps in the appeals process that a seasoned disability attorney can assist with, including obtaining additional medical or vocational evidence necessary to win benefits. Let us put our extensive experience to use on your claim.

Contact the office of Andalman & Flynn for a free disability consultation by a seasoned legal professional. We can help you transition from work to receiving a disability annuity in Maryland.