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Divorce Mediation in Maryland

Parent Mediation and Coordination

The state of Maryland (along with many other states) strongly encourages mediation between divorcing parents to negotiate the best arrangements regarding child custody. By litigating child custody and support, you turn over control of the decision to the judge, who will rely on legal precedent to make a decision, rather than on the intricacies of your specific situation.

In parent mediation, a court-appointed mediator will offer advice, suggestions, and alternatives in helping parents resolve conflicts or disagreements, and then all final decisions come about as a compromise between the two parents.

Andalman & Flynn attorneys will guide you through divorce mediation, also known as parent coordination, if that is the best route for you. Contact us today to get through your divorce amicably and smoothly with experienced Maryland mediation lawyers!

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

While divorce mediation can be ideal in many scenarios, we recognize that this method is not appropriate for all cases, such as in instances of:

Our Maryland mediation lawyers will carefully review your situation before making a recommendation. If we determine that parent mediation may not be in the best interests of you or your children, our divorce attorneys can help you through the litigation process to protect your rights and help you gain the freedom and financial independence you deserve.

Maryland Mediation Lawyers

Divorce mediation promotes a cool-headed approach to the touchy issues of child custody, putting the best interests of the children at the forefront of the process. Studies strongly support that child custody disputes settled through parent mediation result in healthier, more cooperative relationships between both the parents and their children following the divorce.

If you think divorce mediation may be the route for you, let us help. Our Maryland mediation lawyers have extensive experience in the subject, enabling us to protect your best interests, while helping you come to a decision peacefully. Once the divorce is finalized, we can specifically provide assistance with:

Choose mediation lawyers in Montgomery County, MD with experience and compassion—choose the attorneys at Andalman & Flynn. Call us to schedule a consultation today and take the next step in creating a better tomorrow for you and your children.