Employment Law

Fighting for victims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, nationality, age, and pregnancy is illegal under federal and state laws. Local laws in our area also prohibit discrimination based on family status and sexual orientation. Employers did not “grant” these rights to employees – anti-discrimination laws exist because employees have fought against unfair discrimination for decades and the government – state and federal – put compliance requirements in place in response. And still, many employers simply “don’t get it.” We fight for victims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. We have successfully represented women who were fired because they became pregnant while on the job, or who were fired after taking maternity leave after the birth of their baby. We have protected victims of sexual harassment – whether they are working in private offices or for the government. We have won cases for employees who were fired because of their age, sex and race. Our firm is dedicated to the propositions that all people are created equal, and that all people must be treated fairly in the workplace and provided equal opportunities by their employers.

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