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Maryland Teacher and State Disability Retirement in Germantown

Are you a Maryland state employee with a medical condition that’s made you unable to work? At Andalman & Flynn, we understand how stressful and disheartening it can be to struggle with illness or injury—let alone support your family through this time. But it’s important to realize that you do have options.

The Maryland State Retirement System (SRS) provides eligible employees throughout the Germantown area with a disability retirement annuity, as well as continued health insurance coverage, in the unfortunate event that serious injury or illness permanently prevents an employee from performing their job duties. Eligible employees include:

  • Those employed by state agencies
  • Public school teachers
  • Public school administrators

To show eligibility, an employee must meet both length of service requirements and provide adequate proof of disability. Fortunately, the attorneys at Andalman & Flynn can provide assistance as you file for teacher and state disability retirement in Germantown, MD—contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll do everything we can to fight for your best interests.

Determining State Disability Retirement Benefits

For an applicant to be considered “disabled” under SRS, they must establish that they are permanently unable to perform the duties of their job, not that they are totally disabled from performing any job. Similarly, to prove “permanent” disability, the applicant must show that the disability is expected to last at least one year—not necessarily forever.

The State of Maryland provides two types of disability retirement benefits in and around Germantown, including:

  1. Ordinary disability is available for those with a permanently disabling medical condition.
  2. Accidental disability applies to a permanently disabling medical condition resulting from injuries sustained in an on-the-job accident.

The SRS’s Medical Board, which comprises a group of physicians with a wide array of medical specialties, evaluates all disability claims in the Germantown area and the rest of the state. Note that although an application for a disability retirement annuity may be submitted while you are still working and within four years of the date of separation (three years for members in a non-contributory pension system), SRS may only award benefits dating back to the date the application is filed.

The disability application process typically moves quickly and decisions are often issued within 90 days. However, if additional information is needed or disability retirement benefits are denied and an appeal is filed, it can significantly lengthen the process.

Applying for Disability Retirement in Germantown

When filing for disability retirement in Germantown, it is important that you allow yourself sufficient time to make informed decisions concerning your situation and meet all necessary deadlines. To improve your chances of success and ease the transition from work to a disability unity, contact an experienced disability attorney before you begin filing your application. He or she can then assist you in all aspects of completing and processing your application, as well as obtaining the necessary medical and vocational evidence to prove your disability claim.

If you wish to speak with Andalman & Flynn about filing for Maryland teacher and state disability retirement benefits in Germantown, contact our local office at (301) 563-6685 or toll-free at 1-888-558-7871. You also have the option to contact us online and one of our trained professionals will get back to you to discuss your claim and see what we can do to help!