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Disability Benefits Section of the Maryland Association for Justice

Elliott Andalman, who is co-chair of the Disability Benefits Section of the Maryland Association for Justice, moderated a breakfast seminar on October 15, 2013, in which Dr. David Fago, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, spoke to the Section about the brand new diagnostic manual published by the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition). The manual makes significant changes in various diagnoses. In regards to proving disability, DSM-5 has abandoned the GAF, the Global Assessment of Functioning, which insurance companies and the government used as a score that was relevant to determining functional impairment and ability to work. No system has been put in its place at this time. However, doctors can continue to provide their professional opinions on a patient’s abilities and limitations on activities which can continue to be considered for purposes of establishing disability.

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