Long-Term Disability Testimonials

Long-Term Disability Testimonials

Client Testimonial – The Absolute Best Representation for the Case

“Attorney Peter Casciano was the absolute best person who could have represented me in my disability benefits case. From our first interview he was sympathetic, straight forward, and armed with resources. I pestered him with questions daily and he was always willing to listen and explain each step of the process. I wouldn’t have had such a quick and positive outcome on my case if not for Peter.”

-J.E. Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

Client Testimonial – Andalman and Flynn is phenomenal

“When I first became disabled I had no idea what was in store for my family—I’d paid into long term disability (LTD) throughout my entire career and assumed that, as a hardworking American, that would carry me through until Social Security kicked in. However, in 2008 my LTD was unjustly cut off, and I began the fight of my life. If it wasn’t for the extraordinary efforts of Elliot Andalman and Ariele, I don’t know where I’d be today. As Cigna attempted to wait me out until my savings, retirement, and complete monetary resources were depleted, Elliot waged war with Cigna and collected additional medical and vocational documentation. Needless to say, and I admit I wasn’t always so confident with the outcome, Elliot prevailed and managed to restore my LTD and win my due social security benefits (which had previously denied me three times) in August of 2009. I’d recommend Andalman and Flynn to anyone who needs to fight for what they deserve—the team is phenomenal, their results are impeccable, and they’re human beings who genuinely care about the people that they’re fighting for.”

Thank you all,

Arthur Bundick
Boonsboro, MD

Client Testimonial – Long Term Disability Benefits Reinstated

I was notified by my former employer that my long term disability benefits were being ended after my husband was relocated to Asia by his company. Elliott helped me appeal and obtain my disability benefits back. I contacted several lawyers and I chose Elliott as he was professional, timely and confident that he could help. In short, my benefits were successfully reinstated. I am very happy to have had Elliott and his team help with my case. Thank you.

C.K. – Asia.

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