Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Impairment
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Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Impairment

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At Andalman & Flynn, we recognize that heart disease can seriously limit your ability to independently perform your daily activities. If you have heart disease that precludes you from working, we can help you determine your eligibility for disability benefits. Contact us to speak with an experienced disability benefits lawyer on our team, and we’ll do everything we can to maximize your chances of success.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease can manifest itself in a variety of ways. There are a wide range of cardiac diagnoses, ranging from Coronary Artery Disease, to Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia, Heart Valve Disease, Cardiomyopathy, or Pericarditis Many of the symptoms that one experiences with these conditions are similar: an aching or painful feeling in your chest that can be worsened with exertion, palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and nausea. In addition, severe cardiac problems can cause impairment and increased swelling in your arms and legs, as well as your abdomen. You can also experience severe impairment in other body systems and organs, such as your central nervous system, your eyes, and your kidneys.


Heart disease is typically initially diagnosed by an electrocardiogram, which reveals any electrical issues that can affect the functioning of your heart. Your doctor may also diagnose your heart disease with other tests, such as:

  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • X-rays, CT, MRI, PET Scans
  • Angiography
  • Echocardiograms
  • Stress Tests
  • Electrophysiology Testing
  • Coronary Artery Calcium testing
  • Myocardial biopsy

In the event you are diagnosed with heart disease, be sure to talk to you doctor about setting up a plan to help manage your symptoms and keep you on track.

Cardiovascular Impairment and Disability

In our experience, people suffering from heart disease often experience a significant impact on their ability to maintain the persistence and pace of work. You may feel like you can no longer exert as much as you used to before becoming winded. You may also feel like you are not completing tasks as fast as you used to, or that you are having trouble completing tasks at all. If this is the case, you may want to consider filing a disability benefits claim.

Consult with Experienced Heart Disease Disability Lawyers

If you suffer from heart disease and it has made you unable to perform your work duties, contact Andalman & Flynn. Our disability benefits attorneys are experienced in representing individuals throughout the country who are struggling with this difficult condition. We offer initial consultations free of charge to our disability clients. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with one of our experienced disability lawyers, either in person or by phone, please fill out an online contact form or call us at 301-563-6685.