Federal Disability Retirement Testimonials

Federal Disability Retirement Testimonials

Client Testimonial

“I hired Andalman and Flynn and Peter Casciano to represent me on my claim for federal disability retirement. My claim was based on bipolar disorder and I had run into some difficulty finding an attorney well equipped to handle my kind of case. Amazingly, they achieved the approval of my case with incredible speed. Less than 12 months from the day I applied for federal disability retirement, my case was approved and finalized and out of the interim pay period. Hiring Peter Casciano and his team was truly the best investment I have ever made in my life, I would have NEVER been able to do this without you guys supporting and lifting me up throughout this process. I will forever sing your praises and have actually already referred you once and will continue to do so! Thank you to Peter and Chowan so much! ”

– Martin R., August 2019

Client Testimonial

“Thank you to Peter Casciano and Chowan Brightful for all of your hard work, assistance, and kindness during my federal disability retirement case. I was extremely confused about everything when I came to you, and you went way above and beyond what I would have ever expected. I sincerely appreciate you!”

– Daniel C., August 2019

Client Testimonial

“Elliott and his staff won my case! Thank you again for all your help with my case. Elliott and his staff were outstanding to work with during this trying time for me and my family.

I have a number of physical issues that hit me all around the same time, as well as complications from one of my four surgeries I had within a four month period of time. I quickly exhausted all my sick and annual leave, leave donated to me, and also had been on three months of leave without pay. I was a U.S. Air Force program manager with a heavy workload. My team covered for me while I was out of the office and did a great job, but someone needed to be in my position doing the job on a daily basis. After learning that my primary care doctor, surgeon, and civilian doctor on base would support my disability claim, I did a search online and contacted Andalman & Flynn.

Elliott and his staff were very understanding and supportive through the entire process. It was a trying time for my family and me to include the financial strain of missing so much work without pay. Elliott and his team were always available to answer questions, and even just talk when I needed them. I never waited longer than 24 hours for an email response or a returned call. Elliott and his team let me know every step of the FERS disability retirement application process and gave me an approximate time-line of the process from beginning to end. My case took approximately 10 months from start to finish. Understanding all cases are different and that some are decided in a shorter time or longer. My case was about the average time it takes to complete. Again, Elliott and his team were all over my case and even though this was a stressful time with all my health issues, I was at peace knowing they were always there for my family and me.

My wife and I both appreciate the outstanding service, empathy, and support Elliott and his team displayed toward my family and me during this process.
I thank Elliott and his team again for all they have done for my family and me, and I highly recommend Andalman & Flynn to anyone looking for an outstanding and experienced firm in the field of disability law. Thank you Elliott!”

– Chuck V., November 2016


Client Testimonial – Compassion, Seamless Teamwork, Patience & Perseverance

“Mr. Elliott Andalman and Ms. Zubaidah Haamid truly possess competency, genuine compassion, seamless teamwork, efficiency, patience and perseverance.  As you might already know, federal disability retirement cases are a lot of work, and I am thankful I hired the best, to do that work for me.  I knew right from the start that Mr. Andalman was a different sort of attorney when I received such an informative and thorough free consultation.

I actually had a difficult time discerning if this attorney was “too good to be true” since I had a bad experience with another attorney.  The difference is night and day and I can assure you, after working with Mr. Andalman over the past year, he is not too good to be true.  Rather, he is genuine in his commitment and compassion to his clients and has what it takes to stay the course and patiently pursue a win for his clients.  Fortunately, in my case, it was a quick win which occurred just under 2.5 months from the time the application packet was submitted.  Granted, it took several months to thoroughly prepare that packet but he does it right the first time.  After learning I was approved in just 2.5 months, I was elated to say the least.  It seemed as if a long battle was over and that after years of the “chronic illness/keep my job” roller coaster, a quick “win” was the ultimate morale boost, and allowed me the opportunity to fully focus on my health.  Mr. Andalman called me as soon as he learned we won!

I am reminded of an excerpt of one of my favorite bible passages (Micah 6:8) when I reflect on working with Elliot and Zubaidah for the past year, as I believe they truly: ‘Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly…'”

Sincere Thanks,
Heather H.    

Client Testimonial

“I whole heartedly recommend Andalman & Flynn to anyone facing a legal journey that encompasses the use of exceptional knowledge about Federal Disability Laws and regulations. Ms. Villiers took my case after being separated from a long term career position with the federal government as a civil service employee, based upon my medical inability to perform my job any longer. Ms. Villiers was genuinely compassionate about my situation and went to work immediately, steadfastly working with me to complete all documentation required to submit an application for a FERS Disability Retirement request to meet the one year legal time frame allocated. They consistently kept me informed, was supportive and positive and most importantly — always encouraged me to stay on top of my medical appointments and reports! Ms. Villiers also worked directly with my former agency diligently requesting and following up on final documents needed since my separation from service to complete my DR application with OPM. I am so thrilled to announce that my case was APPROVED by the OPM Disability Retirement office less than –30 days after they received the final document required! I highly recommend her! I cannot say enough kind words about the phenomenally kind treatment I received with a combination of top quality professional services by the Andalman and Flynn Law Firm as a whole. Under the already tough circumstances one is faced with when dealing with the unpleasantness of disabilities, financial struggles and job loss — they were the light of hope that always shined in times of discouragement and carried my case all the way through to the winning finish line!!” – Laura

Client Testimonial – Consistent, Patient, and Diligent Service

“Elliott Andalman took my disability retirement case despite uncertain prospects and an adversarial relationship with the supervisor at my agency. He and Peter Casciano were reassuring every step of the way. They consistently and patiently answered all of our questions. I was awarded the disability retirement within six months of applying, thanks to their diligent work.”

Former Scientist at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Client Testimonial – A Win From 1700 Miles Away

“Elliott, I am writing this letter to thank you and Zubaidah for the incredible job you did regarding my Federal Disability Retirement. After my initial application was denied I spent the better part of a day trying to locate an attorney in my area that would handle my case but everyone I talked to only handled Social Security Disability cases which was not the type of case mine was. I found your name on Google and needless to say I wasn’t hopeful that you would take my case on and I was hesitant to deal with someone 1700 miles away but I am so glad that I did. From day one Zubaidah was my life line. She was helpful, kind and patient with me. I was so frustrated when my case was denied and after talking to both of you I was re-energized and ready to appeal. There were so many incidences where one government office didn’t or wouldn’t communicate with another which then affected their decision regarding my case. If I had to deal with that by myself I would have given up in frustration, I personally believe OPM hopes that if they make it hard enough to get approval most people will just give up. When I finally got my approval I couldn’t believe it and had to call Zubaidah to confirm that what I was reading actually said “approved” (just three days before I got a letter saying it was denied). It was a long, frustrating process but we made it through. Once again, thank you both so much.”


Toni K.
Carr, CO

Repeat Client

“Both last year and this year the Office of Personnel Management threatened to take away my disability because I had made too much money in a previous year, and was therefore no longer disabled. However, their information was incorrect both times. Immediately Zubaidah Haamid and Elliott Andalman confronted OPM with the true facts, and got OPM to back down both times. Without the assistance of Ms. Haamid and Mr. Andalman, I would have surely lost my disability. As I said, I have used the firm of Andalman & Flynn two times and have been extremely happy with the results both times. I highly recommend Andalman & Flynn as an extremely high quality legal firm and if I ever need an attorney again, I will not hesitate to use them again.”

Tony, Denver, CO


“Dear Elliott and Zubaidah,

Hallelujah! The legal representation that you provided was extraordinary! You are amazing, professional, expeditious, compassionate, and triumphant. I have been fighting for my federal disability retirement over 17 years; unfortunately, my past attorneys were unable to accomplish a win. I eventually crossed paths with Andalman & Flynn and victory prevailed.

Elliott and Zubaidah (the dynamic duo), has a driving force that is incomprehensible. Not only do you focus on your clients case, you also provide them with reassurance that you are working diligently. For the most part, I have never worked with such a superb group of people and I truly appreciate the both of you…

Lastly, I strongly recommend Andalman & Flynn to anyone who wants to WIN!


B.A.C. — California

Client Testimonial – An Angel in Disguise

17 May 2007
To: Andalman & Flynn 8601 Georgia
Avenue Suite 604 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Dear Attorney Elliott Andalman Attorney Mary Ellen Flynn Everyone else concerned & Involved –

I am sorry I have not written sooner to everyone at Andalman & Flynn due to my Urologic Surgery this month. However my wife Cinzia and I want to express our gratitude to everybody at Andalman & Flynn for your patience and for the hard work everyone did in winning my work disability case. My wife and I know how much effort and how serious your legal team took in my case both by the amount of correspondence generated while executing my case and by the personal attention to detail Ms. Zubaidah Haamid displayed in the many discussions we had. Ms. Zubaidah Haamid is an Angel in disguise. She has touched me not only with her professionalism, but also with her people skills and tremendous efficiency. Although I’ve never seen her, I sense she is a beautiful woman inside and out who cares about others, loves her work and who she works for, and is a great asset to your legal practice. Was all this worth it? The final results of the case speak volume about what an excellent legal team you all are. I could not have won this case alone without the expertise of Andalman & Flynn. Let’s not forget however, that I know this case was a challenge. Even if your legal firm won this case, much work was involved. It is a great thing that we live in a great country where what you have done for us is possible. Words alone cannot convey how much Cinzia and I appreciate what you have done for us. I am an old Army Sergeant Major and I don’t succumb to emotions easily considering my background, but I cried like a baby when Ms. Zubaidah Haamid called me up with the good news about my case. I don’t know how much longer I have to live with all of my medical and psychological problems; however you have taken so much mental stress and weight off of my shoulders especially now that I am unable to work. Thank you very, very much from the bottom of our hearts and souls. God bless each and every one of you at Andalman & Flynn and may you continue to help others. I have nothing to say but good things about your legal firm to anyone who may ask. If anyone of my friends needs help the way I did, I will not hesitate to refer then to you. If any of you come down to Florida, I want you to know that my home is your home and hope you will visit. You all are the best.”

Thanks again.
Sincerely, Carlos E. Torres

Client Testimonial – Speed, Experience, and Results

“To the prospective clients of Andalman & Flynn:

Within 3 months after filing my application with the Office of Personnel Management, the Andalman & Flynn Law Firm got me approved for disability retirement from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as a career Federal Bank Examiner employee with over 20+ years of dedicated public service. They have the experience, knowledge, skill, and ability to get the job done right the first time. I am very satisfied with the work they did and continue to do for me. I could not have done this without Mr. Andalman’s superb legal expertise or Ms. Zubaidah Haamid‘s outstanding professionalism and can do attitude. They were always there for me. I will always be eternally grateful to both of them.

In summary, I highly recommend the Andalman & Flynn Law Firm and their tremendous legal team to any federal employee who is seeking federal disability retirement benefits.”

My kindest and sincerest regards always,

Andrew T. (Andy) Scotchlas, Stroudsburg, PA
Former FDIC Examiner-Information Technology
and Executive Board Member
Executive Vice President
Union Representative/Steward
National Treasury Employees’ Union – Chapter 244

Client Testimonial – Outstanding Service by Senior Paralegal Zubaidah Haamid

“Dear Mr. Andalman,

I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the great service that I received from the law firm of Andalman and Flynn. I retained the services of Mr. Andalman for federal disability retirement. I had been denied at the initial stage and was not too hopeful about being awarded benefits at the reconsideration stage. Thanks to the expert legal team of Elliott Andalman and Zubaidah Haamid, my claim was approved.

From my first contact with the office, I was treated with respect and kindness. I was kept up to date on the status of my case and because of their hard work and diligence, my case was approved with incredible speed. I want to give a special thanks to Ms. Haamid for working so diligently to get things through to OPM quickly and for following through with the assigned adjudicator. I believe it was Ms. Haamid’s diligence in handling my claim that brought about such a quick decision. Ms. Haamid went that extra mile for me and it truly paid off.

I would recommend Andalman and Flynn to anyone who needs a lawyer for federal disability retirement.”

T.S., Lorton, Virginia

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