Maryland State Employee Disability Retirement Testimonials
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Maryland State Employee Disability Retirement Testimonials

Client Testimonial – I really appreciate you and the fact that you are always honest with me and looking out for my best interests!

“I thank Peter Casciano and Chowan Brightful for their hard work on my disability retirement. The day I met Peter I felt very comfortable with his knowledge of retirement disability. I was referred to Peter via “Google” so I had no personal referrals to go by.  I did not have the pleasure of meeting Chowan, but our phone conversations proved that she and Peter were a perfect fit for me. With Peter’s knowledge, great guidance, perseverance, and patience I am very pleased with the outcome of my disability case.

I am glad I found these attorneys and am so grateful to Peter and Chowan.  I will highly recommend them to anyone in a situation such as mine.”

 – J.B.

Client Testimonial –

“Peter Casciano was remarkable in helping me with my ordinary disability retirement. Before I decided to contact an attorney, I tried to work through this process by myself. After two years of the retirement agency asking for more paperwork (which they already had) and being denied and appealing multiple times; I finally realized that I needed an attorney to represent me.

From the first time I spoke with Peter, I felt a great sense of relief that I found a very qualified and understanding person to help me! I could tell that he had a great deal of knowledge on the process and he came up with a plan immediately.

I never even met Peter; we did this all by phone, email, and fax! I am so grateful that I found these attorneys and I would highly recommend them to anyone in this situation!”