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Client Testimonials – Attorney Elliott Andalman and his paralegal, Kimberly Villiers…

Attorney Elliott Andalman and his paralegal, Kimberly Villiers, at Andalman & Flynn worked for me to successfully resolve important issues with the Social Security Administration (SSA) concerning my disability benefits. I had been on disability for many years when in 2012, the SSA determined that I was no longer eligible for payments, stopped my payments, and advised me I had to repay about $250,000.00 that they claimed I owed them. I disagreed and took my case to Elliott Andalman for representation. He accepted, and after approximately 10 months of work, successfully resolved all issues in my favor. Not only did SSA reinstate my disability benefits, but SSA cancelled the overpayment and paid me all the back benefits that I was due. For obvious reasons I am totally pleased with the work done by Andalman & Flynn and highly recommend them.

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