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Going through a divorce isn’t easy, especially when there are children involved. Not only do you have to worry about starting a new chapter of your life, but your children require a certain degree of support as they ease into the transition—and of course, there’s the matter of child custody and support as well.

In order to get through these difficult times and protect the interests of your children, it’s important to have legal representation that’s knowledgeable yet compassionate—like our child support lawyers serving Gaithersburg, MD. We can help you establish child custody and continue to assist you in determining child support accordingly so that there’s minimal disruption to your family. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

Child Support Law in Gaithersburg

In Gaithersburg, MD, the child support arrangements—how much the non-custodial parent will pay the custodial parent—are generally determined by the child support guidelines. However, the final monthly amount, whether determined by the parties or by the judge, can substantially differ from what the guidelines dictate. This is based on several factors, including:

  • Marital debts
  • Mortgages
  • College education expenses
  • The right to occupy the family home
  • And other financial terms.

If either parent has children from other relationships that the parent also has a duty to support, this can also influence the final amount. Additionally, the family home, car, and items in the home may be awarded to the parent with custody so that the child can continue to live in the environment and community with which they are familiar.

If you’re looking for an approximate child support figure, view Maryland’s Department of Human Resources online child support worksheet and learn more about child support laws in Gaithersburg, MD.

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