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Montgomery County Speed Camera Tickets : No More Late Fees

Sep 17, 2012 | Traffic Law

By: Peter Casciano, Esq.
Email: [email protected]

Late fees are no longer permitted on speed camera tickets issued in Montgomery County. Because speed camera late fees were not being uniformly applied across all local jurisdictions, this deviation violated the Constitution of the State of Maryland. Maryland District Court Chief Judge Ben Clyburn issued a statement saying all late fees must cease until the fee structure can be examined. What remains to be seen is how long the bar on late fees in Montgomery County will last.

This development comes after an ongoing legal debate on whether speed camera late fees must be uniform. Judge Clyburn’s directive to Montgomery County that they must stop charging speed camera late fees ends that debate. Now that we know that all speed camera late fees must be equal, the County now must grapple with what to charge and how to deal with possibly improper late fees already assessed.

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