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By:  Andalman & Flynn, P. C.
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In a live teleconference/continuing legal education (CLE) seminar on June 28, 2012 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST through the National Business Institute ( and 1-800-931-3140), Elliott Andalman will share his extensive knowledge of the law and provide practical and strategic advice for maximizing a client’s chances to win his or her application for Social Security Disability benefits.

Mr. Andalman and his co-presenter Richard P. Neuworth, Esq., of Lebau & Neuworth, LLC will identify customary pitfalls and advise how best to handle certain aspects of the Social Security Disability applications process, including:

• completing the Residual Functional Capacity Form;

• obtaining the Medical Source Statement from the Treating Physician;

• cross-examining a Medical Expert at the Hearing;

• conducting cross-examination of the Vocational Rehabilitation Expert; and

• assisting Claimants with no insurance coverage.

The medical and vocational rehabilitation components that will be addressed in this seminar are a few keys to success that Elliott Andalman and the Andalman & Flynn Disability Team routinely use in their successful representation of workers throughout the United States on disability claims arising out of emotional and/or physical illnesses, including, for example, MS (multiple sclerosis), fibromyalgia, immune system disorders, lyme disease, diabetes, heart disease, back injuries, depression, bi-polar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to name a few.

For more information on this live teleconference go to or call 1-800-931-3140.

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