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What to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your Consultation

Aug 26, 2014 | Divorce Law, Separation and Divorce

By:  Amanda Vann, Esq.

amanda-vannWhen consulting with a divorce attorney in Maryland, we recommend you utilize the time to:

  • Gain knowledge of the divorce process;
  • Learn how to handle current issues with your spouse;
  • Get an idea of attorney fees and costs;
  • And address what steps should be taken next.

It is extremely beneficial to do your homework and list the current issues you and your spouse are experiencing. In order to make the most of your consultation time, we recommend you also make a list of important questions to ask your divorce attorney.

Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney Should Cover:

The Divorce Process

In Maryland, a divorce attorney can provide you with information on how long it may take you to obtain a divorce and what will happen once you file a Complaint for Divorce depending on your issues. For example, if child custodychild support, and division of marital assets are involved, the attorney can explain what court hearings you may have; the time frame for those hearings; and how best to prepare before the hearings.

It is important that you gain an idea of these proceedings, as you will have to appear at the majority of them. This will require you to take time off from work and make yourself available to the attorney to prepare beforehand.

How to Handle Existing Issues with Your Spouse

If you are separating from your spouse, like most couples facing divorce, there are sure to be some differences of opinions on how to handle your separation and divorce. Most arguments erupt over finances, as the divorce process can be costly.

Use your divorce consultation to discuss these important financial questions with the attorney. For example, should you be using a joint checking account or open your own? Will it legally hurt you if you continue to use joint funds to pay for your expenses, including attorney fees? The majority of your questions will probably revolve around finances and, if you have children, how to pay for your children’s expenses.

Make sure you take some time prior to your consultation to jot down questions to ask your divorce attorney, so that you leave your first meeting with the knowledge needed to assist you in properly handling your situation.

Attorney Fees

You should never leave a divorce consultation without knowing the attorney’s hourly rate, as well as how their fee structure works. Most Maryland attorneys will require you to enter into a retainer agreement, which should clearly lay out the payment terms and conditions. Ascertain that the attorney thoroughly reviews the agreement with you, and don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify what you will be billed for. This can typically include the time the attorney will spend on your case and the time they spend answering your questions (including emails). Since divorce proceedings can sometimes take years to finalize, you must prepare for the financial implications.

Retaining an attorney should involve more than just a meet-and-greet. You should be prepared with critical questions to ask a divorce attorney. Fully utilize your divorce consultation time so that you leave with the knowledge you need to make the next steps and an idea of what to expect.

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