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How to Apply for State Disability in Maryland: Steps to Take Before Applying

Apr 14, 2014 | Maryland State Disability, MD State Retirement System

Elliott Andalman, Esq

At Andalman & Flynn, we understand that applying for Maryland disability benefits from the State Retirement Agency is a challenge, and is not to be undertaken lightly. Before you begin, we recommend you:

  1. Think about why you cannot perform your job duties Get a copy of your job description and determine what job duties you cannot do and what difficulties you are having. It is helpful to identify your specific functional deficits; for example, that you cannot do activities required by your job such as sit for more than 30 minutes without pain, or lift objects of a certain weight.
  2. Speak with your doctor – It is important that prospective Maryland state disability applicants speak with their doctors before pursuing a claim. You should discuss your job duties and the specific difficulties that you have performing them. It is helpful to ask your doctor if they think it is appropriate for you to apply for disability retirement from your job.
  3. Consider your options – As a state employee you may have several options if you are unable to perform your job duties as a result of a disabling medical condition.

State Disability Programs for Maryland Residents

Your options include, but are not limited to:
a)    Sick Leave Bank – if you are unsure if you are prepared to retire, but are out of leave, you may be eligible for donated leave through the Sick Leave Bank.

b)    Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits – if you are covered under an LTD plan through your employer or through a private policy, you may be eligible for Maryland disability benefits of between 50 and 75 percent of your salary, depending on the policy.

c)    Ordinary Disability Retirement benefits – if you have at least five years of service and are unable to perform your job duties, you may be able to receive a disability retirement annuity.

d)    Accidental Disability Retirement benefits – if you are disabled to perform your job as a direct result of an accidental injury at work, you may be able to receive an accidental disability retirement annuity. This annuity is paid at sixty-six and two-thirds of salary, is paid for life, and is not taxable.

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